The purpose of the evaluation was to provide the donor and the programme partners with qualified advice, draw attention on the past results and lessons learned, and give input and suggest future actions and potential adjustments of the potential future phases of this programme, and unforeseen challenges not previously taken into account. The aim of this evaluation was also to provide the donor with the analysis and recommendations regarding the questions for evaluation in relation with each of the CPCS expected results, as follows: increased capacity and skills of individual CSOs, particularly CBOs and community initiatives, networks and coalitions to conduct effective advocacy to mobilize constituency and influence policy; promotion and support of small, concrete and creative community initiatives that help address shared issues in the communities; development of effective structures and procedures of dialogue and joint work between government and CSOs through the implementation and enforcement of existing local agreements of cooperation; development and promotion of local philanthropy and social responsibility; support to intermediary civil society organization (ISOs) at the local and regional level; improved dialogue cooperation of religious/faith organizations with other segments of civil society at grass roots level.