Conceived and implemented a model of modern careers advice based on principles of life-long career management, with implementation models, handbooks and a series of advice broschures for elementary and secondary school group work, individual counselling, and by internet. Pilot programs in schools in Sarajevo and Banja Luka

Assembly and administration of comprehensive database of elementary, secondary and tertiary education institutions in BiH-Added child-friendly careers information to selected occupations in the local language version of ISCO-88-Development of public-domain clone of Holland's Self-Directed Search careers questionnaires, validated against Croatian version of original instrument and external indicators with good results.

Completed crosswalk between O*NET and ISCO-88 careers classifications so that Holland careers profiles for the O*NET occupation codes can be used for ISCO-88 as used in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Designed and maintained adaptive careers website for young people which suggests careers and corresponding educational institutions in B&H on the basis of a careers interest questionnaire. Over 12000 unique visitors during project implementation period.Implemented two careers advice centres for yound people in Sarajevo and Banja Luka.