proMENTE codnucted external evaluation of two connected projects “Democratic Development of Schools” (implemented in 2014-2016) and “Schools for Inclusion” (implemented in 2017-2019) which were impelemented in 41 primary and secondary schools in Tuzla Canton. The projects were implemented by International Association “Interactive Open Schools” Tuzla - MIOS. Both projects supported organizational development in accordance with the model of open schools in communities, at three levels: a)strengthening school development teams, b)empowering teachers in methods and tools for improving the teaching process, and c)facilitating networking of schools to share successful practices.

The conducted evaluation aimed to determine whether, and to what extent, were the project results achieved, by focusing on four basic evaluation areas: relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of project actions.

Evaluation took place between May and November 2019, using various evaluation methods, including web-based surveys, focus groups discussions and interviews with teachers, students, school administration, school consultants, trainers in Service learning, Project teaching, Interactive methods, Inclusive teaching and Democratic school development, with project team, beneficiaries oof MIOC center, etc... As a part of evaluation, proMENTE conducted two case studies (for two schools), and also was evaluated contribution of established MIOC center to the project goals.