As part of the "Teachers are important" initiative, COI Step by Step, with associates, partners and donors, wants to support the creation of a Community of Innovative Teachers in BiH and the region. The community would bring together all interested teachers - from pre-school to higher education, who want to continuously improve, share their knowledge and experience with others and contribute to the continuous development of the quality of education. The results of this research was used to plan activities within the Community and launch new initiatives. Most respondents consider all Community objectives to be necessary, while "promoting education as a priority and value in society" and "allowing the voice of teachers to be heard and respected" stand out as the most significant.

The current situation in these areas is assessed by the respondents as relatively poor, especially highlighting and respecting the voice of teachers, which is why they are probably singled out as an important Community objective. Teachers' involvement in assessing education and making recommendations is also poor, and teachers generally find that their opinions are not sufficiently respected in the decision-making process in the field of education and educational policies. To this should be added the opinion that the teaching profession is not sufficiently valued and valued in society as important.