The goals of the research were defined in accordance with the objectives of the Framework Law on Primary and Secondary Education in B&H, promises set out in the education reform strategic document from 2002 (Message to the Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Education Reform, 2002) and the programme strategy of the Open Society Fund B&H, which implies the professional and democratic development of the Bosnian-Herzegovinian education system, the promotion of ethnic tolerance and cultural diversity, and includes advocating quality, equal education for all, which will set the foundation for a more inclusive society.

The research was designed to use the content analysis of textbooks of the national group of subjects and religious education in order to estimate the results of the textbook policy reform which was implemented in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the introduction of the nine-year primary education, in the areas of social cohesion, tolerance and interculturality; respect of human rights and basic liberties; and critical thinking.