This training focused on soft skills development of debt counsellors from five (5) HUBS (Zvornik, Gradačac, Kiseljak, Sarajevo i Teslić) involved with the Project “Microfinance in Bosnia and Herzegovina”. Soft skills training programs and modules consisted of three modules regarding proposed themes - negotiation skills, presentation skills and time and stress management. Each module was divided into three levels for three training sessions which allowed optimal work continuity and the acquisition of new knowledge and skills.  

The modules combined theoretical and practical approach. Each module consisted of relevant theoretical knowledge, self-assessment tests and practical exercises. In order to ensure continuity in work, participants were given homework between training sessions. Each training was conceived as a one and half day training tailored to the needs of participants as well as the requirements of client. 

The training provided participants with a range of concepts, methods and approaches and  equipped them with the necessary skills to confidently influence a situation for their own benefit and advantage.