The aim of the analysis is the assessment of learning approaches based on learning outcomes in schools in BiH to answer two key questions: whether the teachers who have undergone the training were able to implement an approach based on learning outcomes during the pilot phase and whether teachers will continue to use learning outcomes in the future. The results of the knowledge test that the teachers completed before and after the training were analyzed and focus groups were conducted to gain insight into how much teachers are familiar with the concepts of learning outcomes and performance criteria, and what are the most important things they learned during training. The result of the knowledge test shows that teachers improved their knowledge after the training. It can be concluded that teachers gained additional knowledge that has enabled them to achieve better results on the test. Three topics were equally highlighted in the teacher's selection of the most important parts of the training: learning outcomes, performance criteria, and formative and summative monitoring. Positive experiences of teachers who went through the British Council seminar encourage further work and involvement of a larger number of teachers in education. Seminars should be held for a greater number of teachers, especially in cantons where teachers do not have the opportunity to attend education.