During the two years of the project, speech therapy and support of educators-rehabilitators/special educators were provided for students with disabilities in 10 schools, which contributed to ensuring conditions for their smooth inclusion. Project activities contributed to the creation of a positive socio-emotional climate within the project schools, the project has resulted in strengthened teacher competences to work with children with disabilities and developing individually adjusted curricula, but also the greater participation of parents in schools. Within the project, a network of civil society organizations was formed, a quantitative research about inclusion was conducted in elementary schools in Canton Sarajevo, a two-day regional conference was held and gathered more than 200 practitioners, parents, educators, representatives of educational authorities, international organizations and civil society organizations from Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Undoubtedly, this project has provided a great support for two years, but by interrupting the continuity of activities - which will occur upon completion of the project - the progress achieved will be lost. DUGA has laid the foundation on which to continue to build inclusion.