The research of the knowledge and attitudes of young people about reproductive health and the need to introduce this area in formal education was carried out at the end of 2017 through a specially created online questionnaire distributed via Facebook network. The target population were young people living in BiH, age groups between 15 and 25 years.

96,6% of young people know that HIV/AIDS is a sexually transmitted infection, while this percentage is lower for other sexually transmitted infections. One finding shows that a greater number of young people chose conjunctivitis as a sexually transmitted infection (37.6%) than trichomonas (21%), indicating young people who lack adequate knowledge of sexually transmitted infections. When it comes to protection against sexually transmitted infections and preventing pregnancy, male condom is the most commonly recognized protection method.

Almost all respondents think that reproductive health should be taught in formal education. Current sources of knowledge in this area are the internet (79.6%), friends/peers (42.4%), books/brochures (41.6%), while teachers are on the fourth place (39.3%).

This research has shown that there is a significant percentage of young people who do not have enough knowledge about reproductive health and that most young people think it is necessary to introduce this area into the formal education system.