The overall goal of the project is making substantial contribution to protecting both girls and boys from on-line sexual violence and other forms of child abuse in the North-West Balkans. 

This project made a significant contribution in B-H in strengthening cooperation within the police sector and cooperation between key experts in this field. In Republic of Serbia, the created Roadmap document contributed to a number of unexpected results in the short period of time, and it will be useful when adopting new legislation, recognizing opportunities and examples of good practice as well as the guidelines for further activities in the field of child protection on the Internet.

Although the project activities strengthened the capacities of police officers who have undergone training for trainers in B-H, additional work is required in this area. The focus should be put on police officers who are already working in positions that require knowledge of high-tech crime, with training that will place a special focus on the area of digital forensics. In Serbia, a significant progress has been achieved in the approach to high-tech crime issues at the Judicial Academy, as the topics related to high-tech crime have become an integral part of the curriculum for students of the Academy.

The implemented activities on improving conditions in schools and community that will promote online safety were finished in B-H, but ongoing in Republic of Serbia. Results in B-H show that the training for trainers has achieved its desired effect, but ways of multiplying that effect currently represent a challenge in further steps. Despite the fact that parents and teachers continue to lack knowledge on the dangers of Internet, the results of KAP demonstrated that some progress has been made with the awareness and knowledge of students regarding online safety.

An awareness raising campaign on the risks and dangers children are exposed to while using information and communication technologies was highly successful. In Republic of Serbia, SCiNWB supported the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunication in conducting several events on online safety called “IT Caravan” and participated in Balkan Tube Fest, which also made a significant contribution in raising awareness on the risks and dangers children are exposed to while using information and communication technologies.