The project implemented by Vive Žene - Center for Therapy and Rehabilitation,  is mainly focused on strengthening, empowerment and reconciliation of different ethnic groups (B component of the Vive Zene's work program). Overall objective of the project is to - through members of existing ethnically diverse groups of women (Jadar and Maja) in Bratunac - activate and motivate people to take an active role in planning of their future, facilitate the process of healing and psychological rehabilitation of women victims of war living in Bratunac, support and empower women's associations with the aim of encouraging them in the process of reconciliation, connect women's associations with the aim of establishing a normal and productive communication and exchange of information and to re-establish internal social structure and external social network.

proMENTE provided an independent assessment of the quality of implemented activities as well as of project results. The evaluation also provided insight into effectiveness, efficiency and relevance of implemented activities.