Evaluation of the campaign 'Men United to End Violence against Women' had the goal to analyze the development, reception and effects of this campaign. Through this evaluation we measured the reception of the campaign and the public opinion about it. The special focus has been put on to what extent there was a change in awareness, knowledge and attitudes among men and women who followed the campaign regularly, were exposed to the material or attended any of the events/activities. In addition, the evaluation aimed to identify opportunities for UN to implement further activities and projects under the umbrella of the Global UNiTE Campaign. The evaluation aimed to contribute to developing future campaigns to prevent gender based violence. The evaluation had the following objectives: - To analyze the data available regarding the development and implementation of the campaign. -To collect and analyze the audience's opinions about the content of the campaign -To analyze campaign distribution in social media and traditional media, its placement, and its coverage. -To assess if the campaign contributed to knowledge/awareness, and changes in attitudes and behavioral intentions. -To identify enabling and disabling factors that influenced the campaign development and its results. -To identify areas of improvement and recommendations for further campaigns implementation, especially in the area of gender based violence with the intention of possible replication and up-scaling in future. -To identify key dimensions/areas in developing future campaigns