Within the project "Teacher leadership for equal education", the proMENTE team, as the national partner of the International Teacher Leadership program (ITL) for Bosnia and Herzegovina, has provided a teacher leadership support program for 44 teachers from four schools from Mostar and Tuzla. 

During the Program, emphasis was on teachers' leadership skills, and exercise of the skills to take initiatives which will bring changes in everyday teaching practice. Teachers exercised leadership through implementation of their initiatives, thereby influencing teaching practice and improving students' progress. In that process teachers have included their colleagues, school management, parents, students and other relevant partners from the local community. 

As the result teachers developed awareness of their own capacity for leadership, they became more confident about leading changes and they contributed to professional knowledge in their schools. 

This project was realized in 2012/13 with financial support of Open Society Fund Bosnia and Herzegovina. More about project can be found on www.nastavnickovodstvo.net