The main question that this evaluation sought to answer refers to increasing efficacy and professional working routines in team, as well as increasing the stability and motivation of the team. To avoid that disadvantages of the used methods affect the distribution of results, a few preparation activities were conducted. In the preparation phase of the evaluation, basic information about SHL Sarajevo were gathered through interviews with organization management. Gathered information were used as the framework for further activities. In the first phase of evaluation the extensive desk research which included analysis of relevant documentation was conducted. Periodic reports as well as other relevant available reports were analyzed. Besides, through previous cooperation with SHL Sarajevo, evaluators got familiar with activities of organization so there was no difficulty in understanding the strategic objectives and organizational culture. In the evaluation process we used the qualitative participatory approach for the triangulation of data from several sources which allowed us to assess whether the results are harmonised. In other words, whether the results obtained by using one method are in line with the results obtained by using the other method, which is the advantage of this report.