The research on gender equality in Federation of BiH was conducted with the following aims: 

• to assess the gender equality and women's participation in political, economic and social life in the Federation of BiH in the period 2010 - 2012 

• to assess to what extent did established mechanisms contributed to national and entity policies and objectives regarding gender equality 

• to assess the political, institutional and organizational capacity of the entity / cantonal / municipal and non-governmental actors to contribute to improvement of gender equality and modalities of cooperation and coordination among them.

A study consists of three chapters, and conclusions and recommendations. The first chapter contains the general context, review of the legal and institutional framework for gender equality, executive summary and overview of research methodology. The second chapter contains the results of the analysis of the gender equality in the priority areas - public life and decision-making, labour and employment, health care, social care, education, sports and culture. Third chapter gives a review of the existing models of cooperation between gender institutional mechanisms in the Federation of BiH, as well as the gender institutional mechanisms and non-governmental sectors for the purpose of monitoring and reporting on progress in achieving the goals of gender equality.

Research design included qualitative and quantitative methods. Based on defined research questions research team developed criteria and guidelines for the data collection, maps and codes for qualitative data analysis, as well as a data base for the statistical data.

The research was conducted in the period January 2013 - October 2014.