The main purpose of the evaluation is an independent assessment of the activities of the project, its results and applied methodology as well as defining the potential for sustainability of the project‘s impact. 

Findings of the evaluation process are based on analysis of qualitative and quantitative data collected by the evaluation team. Basic module of evaluation process included desk research, semi-structured interviews and focus groups with key stakeholders and partners of the project (representatives of relevant educational institutions, local team of experts-mentors, special pedagogues, teachers, parents...) in two out of three communities which participated in the project (Kalesija and Lukavac). An online questionnaire survey for teachers from 15 schools in all three communities which participated in the project (Kalesija, Lukavac, Živinice) was also conducted in order to assess the impact of the teacher training. 

The evaluation results and recommendations will be used for future planning and realization of current as well as for other DUGA association‘s projects.