The main objective of this project is to influence the process of resolving and transforming conflict between young people in and within 10 ethnically mixed communities in B&H. The specific objective of this project is to increase youth participation in processes of local development in rural areas through grant funds projects initiated and led by young people. The primary purpose of the evaluation was to gain an independent assessment of project activities, results and applied the methodology and to define the learned lessons and opportunities for sustainable continuation of the projects. External evaluation consists of three components: the findings of external evaluation (analysis of relevant program documentation and interviews with participants and realizators of the program from all 10 municipalities), two case studies (municipalities Zavidovići and Novi Grad) and analysis of the final research (pre-post analysis of data collected through questionnaires). The evaluation process has been implemented since October 2012 until January 2012. It was realized in 10 municipalities which implemented the program Youth Bank. Appropriate sample of 90 respondents was selected.