Work evaluation named 360° is a mechanism used for work evaluation, based on feedback from all those with whom the assessed individual is in contact – supervisors, coworkers, partners, subordinates and others in general. This method of gathering opinions for the purpose of evaluation is a great source of motivation for employees, because it offers a good estimate of how his or her work is observed from various perspectives. In traditional estimates, the supervisor meets the employee on a one-on-one basis, in order to discuss his or her work. Contrary, the evaluation 360° uses confidential information from people who can give specific data about how an employee does his job. After that, the employee and the supervisor meet to discuss the collected data.

All listed data collection tools are available. Although the Proposed Design Evaluation section lists selected tools, which can be responsive to the needs of the evaluation and which correspond to the total number of days of work proposed in the budget, the final selection, and thus the total number of work days will be discussed with the client.