A questionnaire survey presents written questions in different formats to the entire population of people relevant to the project, or a sample of them.

Questionnaires can be designed to measure outcome variables such as satisfaction with a project, intermediate variables such as exposure to a project, and background variables such as age and sex. We can combine closed and open questions – open questions can be coded into closed categories afterwards, but we often enliven our reports with quotes of original phrases and statements expressed by the respondents.

We suggest choosing web questionnaires for collecting quantitative data, due to accessibility of computers and the Internet within institutions where your beneficiaries are employed.

We take special care in ensuring that our questionnaires are easy to understand and complete. In some cases we will give respondents individual support to complete the questionnaires.

Our dual-language questionnaire analysis system r3d, ensures that questions are not wasted, analysing all questions for millions of different possible significant findings, and highlighting those most unusual and important.

proMENTE has been using online questionnaires in B&H since 2002, and they are now featured in most of our work, because they provide a very economical way of reaching a relatively wide population.